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Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith
Rural Development Wing

Ramkrishna Ashram Rural Development Wing (Janakalyan Kendra), is the key division who transcribes Ashram’s thoughts and philosophy in to the work in remotest part of Sundarban through it's various activities like Holistic development programmes, land shaping for economic upliftment, mother and child care programme, capacity building for self sustainance and geneating & spreading awareness of various issues of development.
Holistic development programmes

- creating drinking water facilities
    - providing low cost latrine
    - livestock rearing for livelihood support
    - constructing low cost housing
    - supplying fast growing firewood plants

Land shaping in 5 adopted villages

Land shaping helps to cope with the low land waterlogged situation by making it elevated and creating room for water harvesting as well as fish culture as an income generating activity.
Peripheral bunding also been created for extending vegetable growing season. Demonstration of new crops like pulses and sunflower is a major activity.
Mother and child care programes

    - Supply of medicine and nutritious food to would be and lactating mothers
    - Medical checkup
    - Creating and promoting nutrition garden for
      ensuring supply of nutritious food
    - Training for mid-wives

Empowerment and capacity building

- Formation of SHGs and SGSY
    - Training for livelihood improvement like fishery, poultry, vegetable, leather technology, crop cultivation, tissue cultured banana etc
Sensitization through awareness camps 

- Health & hygiene
    - Immunization
    - Family planning
    - Neo-natal care
    - Reproductive health care for adolescents
    - Resource Analysis
    - Natural Resource Management
    - Organising and strengthening SHGs


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